Unlock Web3 to your users

No seed phrases and no gas. A seamless experience to bring your users onchain in seconds with smart accounts.

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An invisible Web3 experience with smart accounts

Powered by Account Abstraction
No transaction signing or pop-ups

Keep blockchain in the background. Design the user experience you want, without popups or extensions, from sign up to checkout.

No Passphrases

By using biometrics and Passkeys your users can have a frictionless and secure onboarding experience, no passphrases needed.

Sponsored Gas Fees

Abstract away how gas fees are paid by your users. You can choose to pay the fees for your users or give them the option to pay in any other asset.

Secure Account Recover

Your users can easily recover their smart account without seed phrases, and have the protection of two-factor authentication. Only your users can access their assets. Not Fourt. Not you, or anyone else.

Batched Transactions

Save gas and time by bundling user transactions so they don't have to repeatedly confirm them.

Unified Ethereum Experience

Provide a seamless, safe, and enjoyable experience across different Ethereum chains and Layer 2 rollups.


Build any Blockchain Use Case

Imagine your use case, and you probably will need to seamlessly onboard your users.

Prevent fraud and scalping, and obtain revenue from secondary transactions.


Create Web3 game experiences, making blockchain invisible to your gamers.

Real-world assets

Tokenize physical objects and contracts, improving liquidity, transparency and accessibility.


Tokenize your loyalty program and increase customer engagement.

Fan engagement

Enhance interaction with your fan base, by providing new revenue models, markets and crowdfund opportunities.


Create new distribution channels and revenue streams for your digital art.

And many more!
We would love to discuss your use case.

Enterprise-grade Security and Compliance

The safe guard of your users data and digital assets is our top priority.

We constantly evaluate our threat model and inspect our security practices across infrastructure, application, cryptography, as well as operational. built into hardware.

Secure software requires a foundation of security. That's why Fourt is built on top of standards like FIDO2 and tamper-resistant hardware.
Self-custodial Architecture

Through Account Abstraction it's possible to achieve a transparent self-custodial architecture where the users are the only ones capable of moving their own assets.

GDPR, CCPA and CPRA Compliance

Your users privacy is a top priority for us. We designed our system to be fully compliant with regulations.

External Audits

Security is a constantly moving target. Fourt works with advisors, auditors and pentesters to attest our security in all realms.

Unleash the Web3 potential today

Contact us and we will assist on designing an architecture to achieve your Web3 vision.
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